From April 2013
National exclusivity
Léonce Demarez Space
Interpretation centre of ancient cults and beliefs


Archeosite and Museum in Aubechies
open sky archaeological park
from neolithic to the gallo-roman period

Spending a day at the Archaeological Site of Aubechies means going back 5,000 years ago into our past. This is an unforgettable adventure in an open sky archaeological park to be done as a family, for pleasure or as a school group ...
Come and discover it right now !


Léonce Demarez Space

From April 2013, the Aubechies- Beloeil Archéosite and Museum will welcome a new space about the (current,common,usual)ancient faiths and beliefs practised before the Christian era: Space Léonce Demarez, dedicated to the founder of the site.

Located in a partly reconstructed gallery of the Gallo-Roman sanctuary in Blicquy, this future exhibition centre will offer the visitors an original and innovative vision . Under the form of five medium-sized rooms and two smaller ones in a 170 m2 area

This space’s mission is to present and preserve at best permanent collections, which are the result of intensive research carried out on the Sanctuary site since 1978.

Thanks to a high quality set design( reconstructions,audiovisual equipment ,showcases, educational panels, etc…), the main pieces of the collection - more than 700 pieces - will be exhibited.These main items will be selected on the basis of their aesthetic,historical or archeological properties.Among original aerchological items, several quality facsimiles will be set off to advantage (Gundestrup cauldron, Frasnes Torque, God of Bouray,Manching tree,etc ….).

An important aspect will be discussed around the ancient temples and specific burial modes of Gallic and Roman periods. Various educational and scientific models from the recent archaeological data research data, mainly from Northern Gaul, will reproduce them on a smaller scale.

Reconstructing the history, the rites and explaining them, such will be the mission of this museum dedicated to ancient faiths and beliefs.
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Renting of the Gallo-Roman villa

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Space Léonce Demarez

Interpretation centre of ancient cults and beliefs

This new unusual thematic museum is dedicated to the many archaeological discoveries relating to places of worship and ritual objects of antiquity. Since first built shrines to the Celtic era (fifth century BC) to the Gallo-Roman temples (fourth century AC), this guided tour will take you to discover the polytheistic cults practiced in northern Gaul until the institutionalization of Christianity.

The highlight of the exhibition is made up of the impressive archaeological collection from the regional excavations carried out at the vast cultural complex Celto-Roman of Blicquy "Ville d’Anderlecht" (Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium).

These researches undertaken at the initiative of Léonce Demarez in 1978, by the Circle of Tourism and Archaeological Research of Blicquy, then relayed by the Archaeological Service of the Walloon Region and the Free University of Brussels (CREA-ULB) is Today a body of unique and original knowledge in Belgium.

The homogeneity and the richness of the collection unearthed at Blicquy (deposits of weapons, hoards, statues, jewelleries, mask ...) reflect the importance and splendour of this important archaeological site of Belgian heritage.

The creation of the Leonce Demarez Space was financially supported by the Commissioner General of Tourism, the National Lottery and the City of Beloeil.
The restoration of archaeological objects was supported by the Department of Archaeology, DGO4-Wallonia as well as the Federation of Archaeologists Wallonia and Brussels asbl.

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Tourist season 2016

From Sunday, April 17 until Sunday, October 16 included, the Aubechies-Beloeil Archéosite and Museum opens its doors for the tourist season.

From mid-April to mid-October, we are open on Sundays and bank holidays (from 14h to 18h) and in July and August, on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays (from 14h to 19h).

On Sundays, you can discover our handmade animations (forging iron, bronze casting, weaving and spinning wool, baking bread, making ancient pottery, working bone, ...) with traditionnal music in the background.

During the tourist season, on weekends and during school holidays, occasional free tours (in French) are held 3 times a day for individual visitors (from a group of minimum 5 persons).

The animations are held by our artisans only on Sunday afternoon during the tourist season. These activities are provided on a voluntary basis, we can not guarantee the presence of all these activities every Sunday.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Fixed prices days

Inland waterways transport day for shool groups

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Day for nursery school children


The day is organized from 10 am until 3 pm so that children can keep a rhythm similar to a classical school day.

The day is divided as a day at school :
Reception, break, toilets if necessary, various activities requiring listening as well as acting.

How was this project initiated ?

We wished to adapt our site for young children not only just as we were doing previously, i.e. with an appropriate vocabulary, an easy syntax and subjects remembering our young visitors’ experience of life, but also by recounting and acting the different stages of the visit as well as by organizing games enabling them to discover the world of their ancestors.

Gallo-Roman games

The Romans used to grant their children permission to play!
Gallo-Roman children played with rag, ivory or wooden dolls as well as with small clay toys; they also played table hopscotch and many other games you’ll have the opportunity to discover at our side.

Recounted visits

Rich landowners as well as poor peasants will welcome you in their houses…just let yourselves be carried away by the story of their lives!

In Gallic houses you’ll enjoy the light of candles that lighten this traditional type of housing.
The smell of the wooden fire mixes up with that of oven-baked bread.
The daily activities of Gallo-Roman peasants will be related to you.

A servant or the lady of the house will welcome you at the Gallo-Roman villa. She’ll invite you inside and tell you about her life and the ones of her family.

Here is the temple! Come and discover the religion of our Gallo-Roman ancestors.
Both the presents and the prayers devoted to Mars and Mercury will wake up the curiosity of your young tourists !

A Gallo-Roman character will welcome you at the necropolis and let you discover funeral monuments of that time.

From 15 pupils : 15.00 € / child (one drink included)

Informations en reservations.

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